Acasă Travel CNN includes Romania in a list of top holiday destinations for 2016

CNN includes Romania in a list of top holiday destinations for 2016


Romania’s Transylvania region is again mentioned among the top holiday destinations for 2016, this time by CNN.

The publication has made a list of 16 destinations to visit in the upcoming year, and Romania is among them, with its well-known Danube Delta and Transylvania region.

“Central Romania is engulfed in the soaring Carpathian mountain range filled with green groves and ski and hiking trails for adventure-heads,” the travel journalist writes in the CNN story.

Tourists are also advised to head for the Danube Delta for hiking, birding, and fishing, to go gallery shopping in Cluj-Napoca, and not to miss the Transylvania region, as its “vast and varied landscapes filled with skyline-piercing castles and churches don’t disappoint.”

The journalist reminds the readers that Romania is best known for the “bloodsucking myths of Dracula, werewolves and ghosts,” and adds the Bran Castle on the must-see places in Romania, at this place is linked to Bram Stoker’s Count Dracula.

According to the CNN list, the tourists should visit Romania in April-May and August-October.

Mongolia tops CNN’s list, followed by Papua New Guinea, the Arctic: Iceland, Greenland and Norway, Madagascar, Iran, Taiwan, India’s national parks, Uganda, Georgia, United States: North Cascades National Park, Patagonia Corridor, Palau, South Georgia Island and Antarctica, Honduras, Gabon, and Romania. Find the entire list here.