Acasă Daily News Bucharest, ready to turn green for Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations

Bucharest, ready to turn green for Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations


Saint Patrick’s Day, Ireland’s national day, is celebrated around the globe on March 17, and Bucharest makes no exception. The Saint Patrick’s parade in Bucharest has already become a tradition in Romania.

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations start March 17 in all the main Irish pubs in Bucharest with live music. This will be followed during the weekend with street events, mainly the St. Patrick’s Day parade and an open-air concert.

The parade, organized by the Ireland Romania Network, will take place March 20th, starting 15.00, in front of Romanian Peasant Museum and ending at the Athenaeum.

The event is expected to gather over 100 bagpipers and drummers, as well as two local Irish dance groups: Irish Way and STAYsha. Twenty bagpipers are coming from Ireland, 16 from Varna (Kavadan Bagpipe Band), 58 from Vrancea, 15 from Botosani and 2 from Sibiu. At the same time, 40 help dogs, born and bred in Ireland, will join the parade dressed in their best, green clothes.

Irish ambassador to Bucharest Derek Feely and John Long, president of the Ireland Romania Network, will lead the parade. Local official have been invited to join the celebration.

As a preview to the parade, bagpipers will perform in Herastrau park on March 19th, around 12.00.

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