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Klaus Iohannis: I want to have a corruption free Romania at the end of my term in the office


President Klaus Iohannis has conveyed to the National Institute of Magistracy graduates on Tuesday, that, by the end of his tenure, he wants the citizens to say that they live in a Romania without corruption, stating that they have made great progress in the field of justice and the rule of law.

„Over the past year, Romania has made great strides on justice, towards strengthening the rule of law, fighting corruption and, above all, in the goal of being a stronger democracy in the service of its citizens. The activity of magistrates was, is and will be essential in this regard, „the president said at the welcoming ceremony for the INM graduates, that took place at Cotroceni Palace.

Iohannis said that safeguarding judicial independence and the rule of law in all its aspects are priorities of his tenure. „I wish that at its end, our citizens should be able to say that they live in a corruption free Romania, in which the law is the same for all, in a society in which the principles of integrity and fairness have been restored.(…) You represent the future, not only because you are very young, but also because you studied diligently and have embarked on a journey that involves being in the public service and involves a lot of responsibility, „the head of state said according to Mediafax.

The President added that people have great expectations from the judiciary, from the whole body of those who formed the judicial authority and who guarantee the fundamental rights of citizens, the administration of justice within the limits and the requirements of law is essential.