Acasă Romanian Fashion SALE: elegant dresses with lower prices, to celebrate the Women’s Day!

SALE: elegant dresses with lower prices, to celebrate the Women’s Day!


Properly celebrate one of the most special days of the year: on the International Women’s Day, indulge yourself with elegant dresses with 40% off, to mark a day that is dedicated exclusively to you. March 8 is an occasion when you can create a story just about you. Here’s the storyline we suggest:

Aim to wake up happy and relaxed, and enjoy your coffee and observe everything around you with different eyes .And when you head to the closet to choose your outfit for the office, keep in mind that today you are the most beautiful, so that you choose your outfit – so as to be ready to receive all the compliments. Attitude matters a lot, but the outfit cannot be neglected. Then, spend your day as there would be no problem; like spring is yours, like the March 8 day exists in the calendar only for you and like you have every reason to be happy.

In order to be prepared to receive as befits all the compliments and gifts, choose one of the elegant dresses on sale that we propose you: made of elastic jersey, which is extremely comfortable and simple textured, the elegant dress on sale Sophie is distinguished primarily by its versatility, because you can wear it to the office, but as well you can wear it at the party after work. The vibrant shade of marsala inspire an exquisite elegance, bringing a modern touch to your outfit, and the contrast between the lush golden buttons arranged in two vertical rows in the upper body and the lovely marsala of the fabric transforms the elegant dress in a lovely and spectacular piece of clothing. In addition, the false pockets emphasize your waist and feminine silhouette, bringing a slightly casual allure to your outfit.

dresses with lower pricesImpress him for Women’s Day with an elegant red dress, ideal for the most unusual moments of the spring: the cone-shaped tailor of the Sophie dress allows it to discreetly follow your body lines, while the seductive color gives you an image whitin lies the essence of femininity. The gold buttons ensure a slightly office allure, so you can wear the elegant dress on sale at the office, but also on other occasions, without drawing the attention in a negative way with your outfit. Easy to wear and accessorize, to red dress on sale  does not need many accessories to bring upon you a very sophisticated and refined image, keeping, however, simple elements.

Reward yourself with a special gift, choosing one of the elegant dresses on sale which we provide your, for the International Women’s Day!